一、听力测试(略)二 、完型填空(共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)Joe wanted a computer. He asked his ________ (1) for the money and they said he must get it himself. But how did he get it? He ________ (2) about this when he walked home. Not many people wanted to ask children to work for them. Maybe he could take away ________ (3)for the neighbors (邻居). But this was not winter. He had to wait a long time for time. He couldn’t cut grass for their gardens_____ ___ (4) he had no tools(工具)to do the work with.Then he saw one of his ________(5) , Dick,who sits next to him, delivering(送)newspaper .I could do that, he thought. _______ (6) I could even get the computer right away. I could pay________ (7) it a little each week. He ran to catch up with Dick. Joe _______ (8) him a lot of questions. He learned that it was________ (9) to get twenty-five dollars each week. He learned that the job ________ (10) about three hours each night. Dick________ (11) him the phone number of the newspaper manager.Joe almost flew home. After he had told his mother ________ (12) he thought, she smiled ________ (13), “I think it is a ________ (14) idea,” she said, “I’ll call the newspaper.”“Wait, mum,” Joe said, “I’ll call. After that, I’m going to be a ________ (15) now.” Joe’s mother was very happy.( ) 1. A. teachers B. parents C. classmates D. friends( ) 2 A. said B. told C. thought D. spoke( ) 3 A. rain B. storm C. snow D. shower( ) 4. A. because B. when C. while D. after( ) 5. A. student B. classmate C. teacher D. brother( ) 6 A. May be B. probably C. Maybe D. only( ) 7.A. on B. to C. of D. for( ) 8. A. studied B. asked C. carried D. got( ) 9.A. friendly B. kind C. possible D. wrong( ) 10 A. spent B. paid C. cost D. took( ) 11 A. taught B. gave C. made D. asked( ) 12. A. that B. when C. what D. where( ) 13. A. sadly B. happily C. politely D. angrily( ) 14 A. big B. large C. great D. bad( ) 15 A. teacher B. painter C. businessman D. worker三、阅读理解(共10小题,每小题2分,共20分)AIn America, just as in Europe, men usually open doors for women, and women always walk ahead of men into a room or a restaurant, unless the men have to be ahead of the ladies to choose the table, to open the door of a car or do some other things like the above. On the street, men almost always walk or cross the street on the closer side of the ladies to the traffic. But if a man walks with two ladies he should walk between them. If a host or hostess or both of them drive to get their guest for dinner, the guest should sit at the front seat and leave the back seat though there are no people sitting on it( ) 1. In America, men usually ________.A. walk ahead of women B. eat in a restaurantC. walk behind women D. drive a car to work( ) 2. In the street, men _______.A. cross the street B. walk on the right side for the ladiesC. walk near the ladies D. walk on the closer side of the ladies to the traffic( ) 3. If a man walks with two ladies, he should ______.A. walk between them B. run before them C. follow them D. go awayBAn English LectureDo you have any problems when you are learning English? Come to the lecture on Friday afternoon!Simon Greenall will give the lecture in the Science Hall. The address is at No. 125, Beijing Road.Get more information by calling 83156322.Beijing OperaDo you like listening to Beijing Opera? Come and join us on Saturday morning. Remember: No slippers(拖鞋)!The opera will begin at 9:30 in the Great Theater. Please go in and be seated(就座)ten minutes earlier. The tickets are free.A concertDo you like classical music? Come to the concert on Sunday evening.The concert will begin at 7:30 in the People’s Hall.Ticket:Adults: 50 yuan Children (under 15): 25 yuan( )4. If you go to listen to Beijing Opera, you should _______.A. not wear slippers B. buy the ticketsC. come at 7:40 D. go in and be seated three minutes earlier( )5. Mr Brown takes his wife ,his 12-year-old son and 16-year-old daughter to the concert. He should pay ______ for the tickets.A. 75 yuan B. 175 yuan C. 100 yuan D. 130 yuan( )6. A ccording to the passage, which of the following is TRUE?A. Simon will give you some advice o n how to learn English.B. The concert is about jazz.C. You can go to No. 125, Beijing Road to listen to Beijing Opera.D. The opera will begin at 9:00 in the Great Theater.CAs I was leaving to meet Lynne, my roommate told me that I’d better take some money. But I didn’t listen to him. I thought that Lynne would pay because she had invited me. I arrived at the restaurant exactly on time. I’d been told that Americans expect you to be on time. Lynne and I sat at a table in the corner of restaurant and a waitress came and took our order.The dinner was a great success. I talked a lot about Saudi Arabia and Lynne told me all about herself. After two hours, the waitress finally came and asked if we wanted one check or two. Lynne said two. We went to the cashier and Lynne paid her check. I was embarrassed (尴尬) when the cashier gave me my bill. I had no money to pay for my meal. Then I had an idea. I pretended to look for something in my pockets and said, “Oh! I forgot my wallet! Can I call my roommate, please?” The cashier showed me where the phone was and I quickly called my roommate. In a few minutes, he arrived with some money, but he couldn’t hide how he felt. He laughed all the way home. Now, I think it’s funny too, but at that time I was terribly embarrassed. I thought that an invitation to have dinner in the United States meant the same thing as that in China. I guess you have to understand that your customs are only your customs. When you visit a foreign country, you have to learn about their customs, too.( ) 7. The writer’s roommate advised the writer to take some money with him ______.A. to pay for the meal B. to share the cost of the mealC. to invite Lynne to dinner D. to pay for the taxi( ) 8. The roommate laughed all the way home because ________.A. the writer was embarrassed when he couldn’t pay his checkB. the writer hadn’t told Lynne the truthC. the writer listened to him when he left the house.D. the dinner wasn’t a great success( ) 9. The writer and Lynne ________.A. enjoyed their meal very much B. didn’t finish successfully their mealC. traveled to Saudi Arabia together D. weren’t happy during the dinner( ) 10. What is the passage mainly about?A. People should always take some money with them.B. A Chinese man must pay for the meal.C.A good roommate can really help you a lot.D. Customs can be entirely (完全地) different in different countries.四、词汇运用(本题有15个小题,每小题1分;共15分)A.根据中文提示,写出单词的正确形式 (每空限填一词).1.Which city has the __________ ( 大 ) population in China ?2.A ____________ ( 十亿 ) is a thousand million. .3.Don’t skate on the _________ (冰 ). It’s too thin.4.Some farmers are still working in the __________ ( 田地 ).5. People often play _____________( 玩笑) with other people on April Fool’s Day.6.Yesterday the grandfather bought a ________ (兔子 ) for his grandson.7. The Chinese eat with ______________( 筷子 ).8. Don’t make any __________ ( 噪音 ). They are sleeping.9.______________ ( 幸运), no one was badly hurt.10.The milk __________( 尝 ) a little sour.B.用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使句子通顺、正确(每词限用一次。11. Guangdong is in the _________________ of China.12. We should try our best to help animals live ___________.13. The best time ________ the penoy( 牡丹 ) in Heze is in April.14. The boy received a lot of money, but he didn’t _________ it.15. Pandas don’t have many ___________ and they often die.五、任务型阅读。读短文,完成表格。(本题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分)重新排列下列语段,组成一篇意思连贯的短文(第一段已给出)Mr. and Mrs. Smith have just opened a small restaurant. In order to attract customers, they put a notice in front of the restaurant, which said “Meals on the House for Three Days.”A. He walked towards the restaurant and saw the notice. “American people are really strange. They even eat dinners on the house! But how can I get up to the top of the house? ” he said to himself.B. “Doesn’t your notice say ‘Meals on the House for Three Days’? Is it just a joke?” the foreign student answered.C. When they heard this, both Mr. Smith and the policeman laughed. “Don’t you know what ON THE HOUSE means? Look it up in the dictionary.” the policeman said.D. A foreign student who didn’t know much English happened to pass by the restaurant on the second day. It was lunch time and he felt very hungry. “Well, here is a restaurant. I am going to have something to eat.”E. He looked around and found a ladder against a tree nearby. He was very glad. But as he reached the top he heard someone shouting at him, “Hey, what are you doing up there?” Mr. Smith was looking at him angrily and beside him was a policeman.__________ _________ ___________ ___________ ___________六、语法填空(本题有10题,每小题1份,共计10分)阅读下面的短文,在空白处填入一个适当的词,或填入括号中所给单词的正确形式,每空一词。I’m Maggie. I am __1__ 11-year-old girl. I like ___2___ (travel) very much. And my favourite city is Hangzhou. __3___ October 1st last year, I went to Hangzhou ____4___ (visit) my friends. I ___5___ (feel) very happy when I saw them. The weather was great. The sun ____6_____ (shine) all the time but it was not hot. After lunch, we went out and bought ___7___ (lot) of nice things in the stores. We went to one of___8_____ (beautiful) places--- West Lake and boated in the lake. How relaxing and ____9___ (excite)! We really enjoyed ___10____ (we).七.书面表达(满分15分)寒假快来了,你的美国笔友Tony 要来我们桐乡来旅游。请你以Da Ming 的身份给他发一封邮件,向他介绍我们桐乡的大概天气情况,寒假来的话,你要提醒他多带些保暖的衣服。在我们桐乡首次和陌生人见面的礼节以及桐乡的交通规则。 80词左右,可以适当发挥你的想象。文章的开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。